Wet Felting

I have been making hats since August 2014, 4 years this month. Since I attended my first millinery class 4 years ago at John C. Campbell Folk School I have made steady progress in learning new and exciting techniques. In addition I have built onto my home and have a studio where I have master instructors come and teach their skills. It has been a thrill to be able to do this. I have met and made so many great friends this way. I have been ask by others why don't I teach myself. There is a reason: Even after 4 years and traveling 3 or 4 times a year to take classes myself I still consider myself to be a novice! There are so many different materials and techniques to learn and I don't know a 10th of them yet. As with any art form there are some techniques I am better at than others and I do have my favorites. I love working with felt. Recently I learned to wet felt by hand and I really love it. Hope you like my new beret!

Glenna Combs