I saw an advertizement this morning on the local WYMT news about the book mobile. It triggered wonderful memories for me. Books have been a great blessing to me ever since I learned to read. I vividly remember my first grade reader with Alice and Jerry and Jip! After I mastered that book, I m moved on to a second grade reader even though I was still in 1st grade. It was about a family who left Maine in a camper traveling to Washington state. Their adventures were amazing to me. I learned to not only read and comrehend the words but to “play the movie in my head”.

The book mobile came in the summer months to the local grocery stores. I would go and check out books every week. I met Nancy Drew and her crew, Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer, and went to Alaska with The Call of the Wild. Zane grey was a passion when I was a teenager. Time would fail me to name all the books that I read in my youth.

To this day I love to read. I can travel the world and never leave my recliner! However, I am NOT a computer reader or a listener to audio books. There is something about the feel and smell of paper that satisfies my soul.

Glenna Combs